The inspiration behind “Dapper Doggies Depot” originated with my first two Shelties and my miniature Dachshund. My three constant companions and furry friends sparked the idea for the company logo. “Sophie”, the eldest, “Bridget” Baby Bow Wow and little “CJ” provide a never ending supply of tail wags and doggie kisses. You will notice they are showcased on our logo. Our family has grown with the addition of our third Sheltie, “Jax” and another mini Dachshund who we fell in love with and adopted...”Cowboy”.

Whether posing for the camera, chasing a ball or simply taking a snooze... our Dapper Doggies are a happy, playful and well-balanced pack. They enjoy traveling, tug of war games, wiener dog races and flyball. They are goodwill ambassadors and make special appearances from time to time at the salon and other dog-friendly events.