About Dapper Doggies Depot

The concept behind Dapper Doggies Depot has evolved over the years. We are not a volume driven shop rather we schedule by appointment only; thus giving each pet our undivided attention. This enables us to provide a higher level of service and unsurpassed dedication to each pet.

We are committed to providing only the very best grooming services in a clean, inviting, and calm atmosphere. All of our furry friends become like our own pets and we look forward to seeing them time and time again.

We do not cage your pet while they are in our care. This prevents the stress and anxiety which comes from being kept in loud and crowded kennel rooms for extended periods of time. You will receive a courtesy call or text when your pet is ready for pickup.

We love working with rescue organizations and try to provide low-cost grooming options for them. Most of these pets go on to be adopted and find loving homes.

About Stacey

Stacey, founder of Dapper Doggies Depot, received her formal training and certificate of diploma from The Nash Academy of Animal Arts in Lexington, Kentucky. Her educational program included over 600 clock hours of hands-on instruction, as well as traditional coursework in all phases of dog care, grooming and styling. She regularly attends grooming expos, trade shows and participates in continuing education classes in order to remain current on what’s hot in the grooming industry.

Client Testimonials

"It’s important to me that I have someone who understands that these dogs (Belgian Malinois) come from a variety of backgrounds and can require a higher degree of understanding and patience then that of a typical Pet Sitter. Stacey was exceptional. She kept in touch with me on a regular basis, and my dogs were well cared for. One takes extra care and time for feeding, and another is one that needs lots of exercise and play time. Stacey made it seamless for me to leave them in her care. This made my time away so much more productive and relaxing. Thank you, Stacey."

Andrea J Ross
Wholestic Pet Services

"We were so thankful to find Stacey and Dapper Doggies Depot! It is always a great experience from beginning to end. Stacey shows genuine care and concern and she covers every detail . Our precious doggies love her! They have her undivided attention during their individual appointment times and they seem to really enjoy their “spa” day. And that has never happened with other groomers! We have a standard schnauzer and it’s not always easy to get the kind of results you expect, but Stacey always has our dog looking like she is ready to go in the ring. "

Stacey…. We could go on and on! You ARE fantastic!"

John & Vivian Meadows

"Stacey has groomed my Dog Pebbles several times. Stacey is very gentle with her and treats all of her Dogs with loving care. Pebbles has always been terrified of Groomers after a bad experience with a groomer a few years ago. Pebbles is very comfortable getting Groomed by Stacey. She looks beautiful when she is done. Seeing her on Stacey’s Website is a lot of fun. I would recommend Dapper Doggies to anyone in need of a Groomer. Stacey is the only Groomer that will ever Groom my best Friend! "

Chris Speer

"Thank you so much for taking care of Pepper, the tenderness and compassion for your work came thru when I picked up Pepper and he was so happy, lively and looked amazing! Working with you and hearing in your voice the Love of what you do and the care you give your furry friends is remarkable, you just don’t get that from a commercial grooming company and I really appreciate the care you gave not only to Pepper but to me as well as a nervous parent."

Adrian McGuffie

"We moved to Hoover 2 years ago from Atlanta. I have a Maltese named Rocco who is 5 years old. The groomers I have taken Rocco to since I have lived here have done a good job grooming him, but it was so hard to leave him when he seemed so scared to stay!

I can't tell you how much better I felt the first time I left Rocco with Stacey. He was calm and liked her immediately. I left him in with a light heart in Stacey's very capable hands.

She has groomed him many times since then and I am always happy with the results. I think I change my mind with each appointment as to how short or long I want his hair, and every time she gets it just right!

I am so happy that Rocco gets to go to Dapper Doggies Depot!

Thank you, Stacey!"

Kit Marshall

"We love the work you do and the care you take in our family members. Thank you for being a part of Bootz and Doodlez lives and what you do and who you are. Took us 4 years to find someone like you and was well worth the wait. "

Rob Fox

"Just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed working with you! Lilly loves the undivided attention and we love the fact that she is one on one with you and not in a cage. Thank for always taking such special care of our "girl". She always comes home looking great! I have sent several of my friends your way and they have all been thrilled with the love and care their pets have received. You are Awesome!"

Laura Baker

"Stacey, just have to say how grateful I am to know you and how happy I am that you are now grooming my puppy, Pooky. He has never looked this good. I particularly like the gentle manner you have with him, he isn't stressed when he is with you. Thank you."

Janmari Jones

"Stacey Williams at Dapper Doggies Depot has been a godsend to Little Bits Rescue. She has done a wonderful job on several of our rescued babies, most recently two little poodles, Molly and Pepper. Little Pepper was matted to the skin and hanging with saddlebag mats when I delivered him to Stacey. It could have been a traumatic experience for him, but she was so very gentle and worked at a pace that made him comfortable so that what was probably his first grooming experience was a positive one. She is patient and loving with our scared little ones, and we’d recommend her to anybody."

Michal Shar - Little Bits Rescue & Adoption

"Stacey is a wonderful groomer and a big animal lover. She is always friendly and patient with the one on one experience every dog loves. She has groomed several dogs for our rescue and they always come out happy and adorable.

I highly recommend Dapper Doggies Depot for your dog's next grooming experience."

Sue Erwin - Little Bits Rescue & Adoption

"I highly recommend Dapper Doggies Depot. Stacey Williams does a wonderful job with my dog every time. She is very flexible to work with and is always extremely friendly to my dog Teddy and myself. She takes her time when grooming Teddy and I am always pleased with the outcome every time. We are happy customers of Dapper Doggies Depot."

Shelley Jones

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