Full-Service Deluxe Grooming
Deluxe Grooms include a luxury bath with your choice of all natural or special shampoo, deep coat conditioner, spa vanilla blueberry facial, ears cleaned & plucked, nail trim, removal of excess paw pad hair, sanitary trim, anal glands expressed (by request only), fresh towel, warm blow dry, complete brush/comb out, full body clip or trim, scissor finish & style.
* Groom price dependent on several factors such as size, breed and temperament.
** Additional charges may be incurred due to coat condition and behavior.

Baby "Bow Wow" Puppy Package
Puppies 10-16 weeks are quietly introduced to the sights & sounds of the grooming salon.  They receive a gentle bath in our special puppy tub with tear-free shampoo.  Includes nail trim, brush & comb out, "mock" trim & special keepsake. $60

In-Home Private Grooming
Occasionally there are special needs & geriatric pets that may benefit from remaining in their own familiar surroundings at home. In-home grooming is offered for these special pet clients. This service is perfect for extremely small toy & teacup breeds. They are usually bathed in the sink, wrapped in a soft towel & given a gentle mini-massage. A small portable pet dryer is used to ensure they are completely dry. All grooming essentials are brought along with a portable grooming table. Only a small area is needed & clean up is provided afterwards.
* Limited area availability; please call for pricing information.

À la carte Menu
Teeth Brushing  $14
(Teethbrushing with gel designed to freshen breath, dissolve plaque buildup, whiten teeth & soothe gums. Includes take-home toothbrush & dental chew.)
Nail Trim $12
Nail Grinding  $15
(Allows nails to be smoothed & shaped after nail trims.  Alleviates sharp edges.)
Shaved Feet  $8 - $16
(Removes all hair between toes & base of foot.  Good choice with nail polish.)
De-matting  $30 - $60
(Removal of entanglements in undercoat & topcoat; excessive de-matting may incur additional hourly charge.)
Handstripping  $1.50 per minute
(Most often performed on dogs with wire coats.  Handstripping is the process of plucking the outer guard hairs once the coat has "blown" thus helping to maintain its original texture & color.  It is not painful when done properly.)
Accessories  $3 - $15
(Bows, feathers, glitter, color tattoos & seasonal specialties.)
Nail Polish  $10