Full-Service Deluxe Grooming
Deluxe Grooms include a luxury bath with your choice of all natural or special shampoo, deep coat conditioner, spa vanilla blueberry facial, ears cleaned & plucked, nail trim, removal of excess paw pad hair, sanitary trim, anal glands expressed (by request only), fresh towel, warm blow dry, complete brush/comb out, full body clip or trim, scissor finish & style, and complimentary accessory (bandana, collar bow or tie).
* Groom price dependent on several factors such as size, breed and temperament.
** Additional charges may be incurred due to coat condition and behavior.

Baby "Bow Wow" Puppy Package
Puppies 10-16 weeks are quietly introduced to the sights & sounds of the grooming salon.  They receive a gentle bath in our special puppy tub with tear-free shampoo.  Includes nail trim, brush & comb out, "mock" trim & special keepsake. $75

Professional Pet Photography
Coming Soon!!!

À la carte Menu
Teeth Brushing  $15
(Brush teeth with enzymatic toothpaste designed to dissolve plaque build up, whiten teeth & soothe gums. Includes spritz of fresh breath spray and take home toothbrush
Nail Trim $15
Nail Grinding -  Small Dog $20, Medium/Large Dog $25
(Allows nails to be smoothed & shaped after nail trims.  Alleviates sharp edges.)
De-matting  $30 - $60
(Removal of entanglements in undercoat & topcoat; excessive de-matting may incur additional hourly charge.)
Accessories  $5 - $15
(Bows, feathers, glitter, color tattoos & seasonal specialties.)